Spring has finally sprung!

Spring has finally sprung, and summer will be soon behind. There are a lot of great summertime activities to do to soak up the sun, cookouts, camping, hiking and sports just to name a few. It is important to remain safe while enjoying these activities. Did you know that roughly 67,512 people each year make a trip to the emergency room for heat related illness. Also, an average of 9,235 people are hospitalized each year and an average of 702 deaths. Knowing how to notice the signs, symptoms, how to prevent and treat heat related illnesses can save lives.

There are many ways to prevent heat related illness. Stay indoors where it is cool and avoid the heat, if possible. Wear light weight/colored clothing, hats and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun if you must go out. While doing outside activities make sure to pace yourself and use a buddy system. Also try to schedule the activities at the cooler points of the day. Read information on any prescriptions or medications you may be on, some state to stay out of the sun and heat.

It is very important to know the signs and symptoms of heat related illness. A body temperature of 103° or higher can be very dangerous. Look for changes in the skin such as hot, red, dry or damp to the touch. Losing consciousness (passing out), dizziness, nausea, and headache are a few more signs of heat illness. If a person who has been exposed to the heat becomes confused, distressed, loses consciousness and/or unable to drink, seek medical attention immediately.

Luckily there are a lot of ways to help treat acute heat illness. Move to a cool or shaded place to help bring down body temperature gradually. Remove any heavy or unnecessary clothing. Slowly and steadily hydrate by drinking water and/or sports drinks. Most importantly if you are unsure how to treat heat related illness or the steps listed above don’t work, seek medical attention or call 911.

Now that you know how to prevent, notice, and treat heat related illness, you can safely enjoy the summer activities.

About the Author

Dakotah has almost 2 years credit union experience at Lincoln Maine FCU. She has worked the front line in member service, offering help to other areas whenever needed. She began researching for blog writing around Q2 of 2023. Dakotah is a team player, showing members and employees the best service she can give. Reach out to Dakotah as she works hard on the front line at Lincoln Maine FCU, 171 W. Broadway, Lincoln, ME 04457.