Savings Accounts

Savings AccountsExperience the security and accessibility of a Lincoln Maine FCU Share Deposit Savings Account. Required for credit union membership, this account only requires a minimum balance of $25. Our share accounts earn highly competitive dividends and allow you to take advantage of our services. For example, savings accounts holders can access accounts online.

Additionally, funds held in your Lincoln Maine FCU membership are insured at up to $250,000.00 by the NCUA.

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Shares Effective APY* Rate Tier
9/27/22 0.10 0.100 $25.00-$1,000
0.15 0.150 $1,001-$5,000
0.20 0.200 $5,001-$30,000
0.25 0.250 $30,001 and up

APY= Annual Percentage Yield