Personal Loans

Personal loans can get you the money you need to pay for life’s many expenses! Whether you’re looking to book your next vacation, relax in a new hot tub, build equity, or manage your credit, Lincoln Maine FCU wants to help you get started today!

Personal Loan Rates

 Credit Rating  APR
680-719 A 9.49%
640-679 B 10.49%
600-639 C 12.49%
550-599 D 18.00%
549- E 18.00%

Wedding Loan Rates

 Tiered based on credit score APR
5.49% 12 months
6.49% 25 months
7.49% 36 months
8.49% 48 months

Wedding Loan











Rate Details:
*Rates subject to credit approval, terms and conditions subject to change at any time, based on individual creditworthiness. APR = Annual Percentage Rate, “up-to” subject to approval, “as low as” subject to creditworthiness. As of 5/25/23 subject to change at any time.