Wedding Loans

A man and a woman sitting in their wedding outfits with the caption saying "paying of the wedding should not be on the stress list" with a box that says check out wedding loans. Weddings can be a big deal for people. There are guest lists and stress lists. Lincoln Maine FCU would like you to not add paying for the wedding to your stress list. We would like you to enjoy the day not the debt. If you can’t pay for your wedding out of pocket don’t use a credit card to wrack up the bills, consider a wedding loan and budget accordingly. With reasonable rates, your wedding could be all you have wished for without adding paying to the stress list.

APR (%) Annual Percentage Rate Term
Tiered based on credit score.

As of 3/22/23, subject to change at any time.

4.95% 12 months
5.95% 24 months
6.95% 36 months
7.95% 48 months