May – That’s a wrap!

Happy Spring everyone! Month of May has beautiful flowers - like the bleeding heart!

It has been busy few months for all of us at the Credit Union. April was youth month. I had the great pleasure of planning the events and hanging out with the kids that came in to participate. Every Friday we had something different for the kids to do. There were snacks, crafts, and contests that the kids could join in on. I got to learn the hard way how messy moon sand can be. We had a very large guessing jar of jellybeans, the winner won 1461 jellybeans! There was a coloring contest, and the winners got a cash prize.  

Megan had another successful year at the Mattanawcook JR. high school. She taught a wide variety of topics. She taught the kids financial terminology. The kids learned how to budget while maintaining happiness while knowing the difference between wants and needs. She even shared with them what information is needed on a check and how to properly write them.  

May is the month for Lilac'sMay 21st, we had our annual meeting. A great time was had by all. We gave a rundown of the expenses of the 2023 year. We had drawings where most of our great members that attended won an assortment of prizes. The Knights of Columbus put on a nice meal. Owen put together a great presentation on fraud. He went over different types of fraud, how to notice it, and how to handle it. He made a lot of great key points. If you are not sure if it is real, do not give out any information. You can always give us a call and we can help you find a way to handle the situation. Remember if it is too good to be, it probably is. Also, technology has come a long way, so it is easier for fraudsters to hide their true identity.  

In June we have a few fun things planned. Friday June 7th we will be holding a yard/ bake sale here at the credit union. The funds that are raised will be going to the scholarship fund. Saturday June 8th is our bike rodeo. This will be held at Mattanawcook Academy parking lot, 10:00 to noon. There will be chances to win some bikes and we will have some other prizes as well. We will be giving away helmets while supplies last! We will also have some yummy food, music, and face painting by donation. I would like to thank all the local supporters for their help to make this possible. It's not every month that lilacs appear

I just wanted to take a little bit of time to share some updates that are happening here are the Credit Union. We had a couple of new offices added into our main branch, we also got a new ATM at the branch. The ATMs at our Lee and Howland locations will be removed at the end of July. We had our yard all landscaped with fresh new mulch and beautiful flowers, thanks to some great local businesses for their hard work.  

This month of May has so many colorsThat is all I have for now. I just want to thank everyone once again for all their continued support in all the things that we do here at the credit union. Without all of you we would not be who we are today.  




About the Author

Dakotah has 4 years credit union experience at Lincoln Maine FCU. She has worked the front line in member service, offering help to other areas whenever needed. She began researching for blog writing around Q2 of 2023. Dakotah is a team player, showing members and employees the best service she can give. Reach out to Dakotah as she works hard on the front line at Lincoln Maine FCU, 171 W. Broadway, Lincoln, ME 04457.