Mrs. Dow Jones

Mrs. Dow JonesHaley Sacks is smart. She’s funny. She’s cool. And she’s on a mission to make finances fun.

The self-proclaimed “financial pop star” uses memes, videos, a newsletter, events and a book club to teach a young and predominantly female audience all they need to know about getting and staying rich. As Sacks says, she’s out to make keeping up with the Dow Joneses as fun as “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

In 2017, the fun-loving millennial grew interested in investing, and set out to learn the ins and outs of Wall Street. But Sacks was quickly bored to tears by the ultra-serious financial content she found online.

“The only videos that were available to me to learn about these subjects were these 12-minute-long, unedited disasters of men with no charisma and no point of view,” she shares. “It was so bad and so boring. And it was all men. All the women were giving personal finance advice, and the Wall Street lingo was left to the guys.”

Instead of giving up, Sacks decided to chart the path for others like her by making finances understandable, interesting and fun. She registered the handle @MrsDowJones and quickly attracted a small army of followers. Drawing on humor and pop culture, she helps her audience learn about intense financial subjects. For instance, she’s compared the hype before Uber’s IPO to the hoopla surrounding the newest royal baby, likened the Deutsche Bank trajectory to Rob Kardashian  and used Andy Cohen as a substitute for interest rates to make them relatable.  By speaking the language of her viewers, Mrs. Dow Jones is opening up the world of stocks and bonds to a new generation of investors.

Sacks’s online platforms are not just for women; they’re for anyone who feels marginalized by conversations about investing and building wealth.

“Wall Street makes people feel like outsiders,” she says. “We can get into the nitty-gritty of, ‘They’re evil, they hurt us,’ but I think no matter what, let’s give you the skills and the confidence to play in their field.”

In the two years since she introduced her brand, Sacks has also founded a finance-related book club, a newsletter for sharing financial tips and news, and has even launched her own merchandise line of fun financial products. With her followers now topping 150K, she’s firmly established herself in the niche world of financial influencers, or “finfluencers.”

Check out what Mrs. Dow Jones has to say at , or on Instagram , Twitter  and YouTube. Who ever knew that finances could be so much fun?